Mistress milks slave sitting in bandage – FULL HD

Mistress milks slave sitting in bandage - FULL HD

Slave in rubber mask sits on chair, his mouth is almost torn and pinched open with the help of steel clamps on the nipples of clothespins and his arms and body are immobilized with the help of leather straps. This is how our cool porn from OnlyFans begins with very impressive Mistress Alexxa Von Hell in latex dress. Here the main plot is – mistress milks slave with the help of a special nozzle on his penis, she also removes it from time to time and caresses his dick with her tender palms and then connects the device again and milks until he cums.

Pornstar: Mistress Alexxa Von Hell (@alexxavonhell) | Studio: OnlyFans

The Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Duration: 00:16:15 | Size File: 716.61 MB