Rachel Geryhound – Submissive girl in rubber hood [HD 720p]

Rachel Geryhound - Submissive girl in rubber hood [HD 720p]

 Submissive gir

Actors : Rachel Geryhound | Studio: Serious Images.com

Welcome to tense scene of slavery of young girl in an unusual place. Sitting naked pussy on tree donkey, she is in pain as the sharp end presses on her vagina. Her legs are chained and load is attached to them, which further enhances the pain. But the master did not stop there and put rubber hood on her head with zipper in mouth, so that she does not see anything and can only scream or moan in pain. Being in this state, the submissive Rachel Geryhound experiences sexual pleasure from everything that happens to her. In addition, our man was not going to feel sorry for her, but he also quilted her with whip, after which he placed electrodes in the groin area, stimulated them with weak discharges of current.

Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1280 x 720 | Duration: 00:26:12 | Size: 808.2 MB

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