Sick and perverted torture for young witch – MP4

Sick and perverted torture for young witch - MP4

Studio: Interrogatio

Let’s go back with you to the dark times of the Middle Ages, where judges and executioners decided the fate of girl in one evening, especially if she was suspected of being a witch. A young girl was brought into the basement, chained in chains, who had been caught swimming naked in the river at night. She is awaited by sick and perverted torture, which begins with the fact that her clothes are torn off and her body is pierced with sharp steel rods, after which she is seated with her vagina on the sharp edge of a wooden goat and huge stones are hung on her feet, which cause her acute pain. But the torture does not end there – hot wax and rack await her, from which the screams of our victim can be heard throughout the entire basement, which only turns on our executioners.

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