Spekula – Rubber orgasm [FULL HD 1080p]

Spekula - Rubber orgasm [FULL HD 1080p]

Rubber orgasm

Studio: Spekula

Rubber orgasm from Spekula studio where woman in black overalls dominates the penis of guy lying in gynecologist’s chair. Having fixed a dick in an iron lock, she stretched it and also installed an analogous device on the nipples of his breasts, causing pain to the man. Picking up an electric stimulator, she achieved violent orgasm of guy when his sperm flooded everything around. Enoughly excited, the lady decided to satisfy herself with the help of an electric vibrator and lying in chair masturbated her rubber vagina, moaning loudly in gas mask from pleasure.

Format: WMV | Resolution: 1440×1080 | Duration: 00:09:27 | Size: 260.1 MB