The Hunteress – Heavy clamps on nipples rubber slave – HD 720

Heavy clamps on nipples rubber slave

 Heavy clamps

Vivid example of an extreme fetish video starring The Hunteress from the studio SADO-LADIES. Here, an unfortunate young slave fell into her hands, who stands in front of her in bandage and rubber, and she gives him pain with the help of heavy clamps on his nipples. When heavy clamps, with sharp movements, rip off your juices, your body is pierced by severe pain and then excitement sets in because you see in front of you a woman in semi-military outfit made of rubber and you have strong erection and you are ready to endure all her dominance until the moment comes when you flood everything around yourself with thick sperm.

Pornstar: The Hunteress | Studio: SADO-LADIES

Format: MP4 | Resolution: 1280×720 | Duration: 00:07:28 | Size File: 217.33 MB